How to type into the password in this web page.Pingan Bank

Hi guys!
I was tried some ways to type into the password,like type into send hotkey and so on.
But no one is OK.
The url is 平安企业网上银行 欢迎您的光临! and must be open in IE Browser.
Best Regards.

Hello @donghai

I see page request you download file exe instead of input password

hi @minhduc
Thanks for your reply.
Yes,It’s need to install a programe,after that,you can input the password in the password box by manual.

Hello @donghai

First i want question UIpath can get element text box password same bellow?

If can’t get element. You can using click iamge for click center after using type into input password


Could you offer file .xaml of you

hi @minhduc
Yes,it can get the elements Username and Password ,but can’t type into the password.
the pic from you, get the username element,not password element.

Hello @donghai

i try installed.
however not happen something
please contact with bank of you
i think us did wrong something into setup software of them
i did try input password manually but cannot into textbox

Hi :sweat_smile: I can input the password manually. Maybe dependent by the OS?

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: