How to type into the dictionary value to the web page of different fileds


I would like to write the different values which I stored in the dictionary to the different text boxes in the web page.

Here is my sequence where I add my required values to the dictionary and looping through it to display the values. I wanted to get the values one by one from the dictionary like array, and write in the different text boxes in a web page.

My values in the dictionary would be

First Name : XYZ
Last Name : ABC
City : NY
ZIP : 4344

So i need the to be written in the web page in the corresponding field. Could someone help me out

item.Value to get the XYZ and your For Each argument type should me keyvaluepair
System.Collections.Generic.KeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>


well if you want only like First Name you can do this DictionaryVariable(“First Name”) use this in Message Box


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