How to truncate value after 2 decimal place

Hello friends,

I want to remove any value after 2 decimal place can any one help me.

i need 12.38

Thanks in advance

Hi @aslam_ali1

You can try with Regular Expression


It will get only 2 decimal place


Hi @aslam_ali1,

Use Math.Round function like Math.Round(CDbl(your_number_string),2)

Another way to achive

CDbl("125.25253").ToString("N", System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)


Hi @aslam_ali1

yourNumber = Math.Round(yourNumber, 2)

Another way @aslam_ali1



Thank you @Gokul001 for your quick response.

Assign Activity:
originalNumber = 12.38888

Assign Activity:
roundedNumber = Math.Round(originalNumber, 2)

dear Aakash thanks for your quick response
it will round up the value, i wanted just 2 numbers and it should not round value

dear @lrtetala thanks for quick response.

it will round up the value, i wanted just 2 numbers after decimal and it should not round up value

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dear @Gokul001 this is again rounding the value

8.88888 is giving 8.89

i wanted just 8.88

Your previous solution worked

Dear @Gokul001
can you please help me with below numbers

8.888888 expected op 8.88

8.88 expected op 8.88

8.8 expected op 8.80

8 expected op 8.00


Try with this @aslam_ali1

Dear @Gokul001 it has only one problem, it is rounding off the number.
I wanted 12.88 if input is 12.888888

Please help

im getting below op

try this let me know if you need the workflow will share it

Can you tried with Format Cell activity @aslam_ali1


Check out the link


HI @aslam_ali1
Math.Round(CDBl(number),2).ToString you can also try this one

Gayathri M K


@Gayathri_Mk getting 8.89 as output

Expected output 8.88

@aslam_ali1 try this

Thank you @Gayathri_Mk

It worked

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