How to Troubleshoot Orchestrator Text Issues

How to Troubleshoot Orchestrator Text Issues ?

Issue Description: In versions 20.4+, the Orchestrator font files are located in the /Identity folder. Some customer environments will have security settings that will end up blocking these files from being loaded onto Orchestrator.

Resolution: These are steps that will help determine what settings those are and lead to a fix for the Orchestrator Text issue

  • Try utilizing a different browser and enable Font Download and Active Scripting if using IE
  • Secure their HAR files from the non working environment and a working one and compare the differences
  • Review their browser console logs and keep track of any exceptions that pop up and if they mention any font files:
  • Per the above screenshot, navigate to their IIS and search for the listed woff files in the local file directory and on IIS. Ensure that the Orchestrator machine session has read and write permissions to the folder(s) housing these and that the files themselves aren't corrupt (ex. copy and paste over the same files from a working environment and restarting the IIS).
  • If this doesn't work, check their IIS logs to see if the requests for the woff files are a 200 code or something else. If the former, this means that IIS itself is successfully making the request but something else is preventing the request from completing and the customer needs to identify what that is with their IT team. In the case that this kb was made from, the customer determined that one of the settings (request filtering) done in by their server security hardening requirements is what broke the setting. They had to set this setting on Identity and Webhooks and that fixed the issue.