How to troubleshoot Hover Image

UiPath Studio version-2019.10.3

In webpage,we have list of mobile devices,where iam using Hover Image,but it is Hovering on different image.

How can we find why it is Hovering on different Image/Text?

Example: Hover Image- Apple iPhone-STest(coded for this),but it is hovering on Apple iPhone-6S.
Note: This application cannot be automated using selectors,so it has been tried with Image activities.But it is hovering correctly sometimes and sometimes it is hovering on different Text.


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Hover Image activity depends on the image accuracy

As you are using webpage why don’t you use Hover activity and using selectors it can able to hover

Hope this may help you



Thanks for the Reply.Here it is combination of text and image,so selectors wont work here.PFB.