How To Troubleshoot Error " Publish Of Workflow Project To Orchestrator Failed. Invalid Package Details! "

How to troubleshoot while trying to publish package to Orchestrator, getting error : "Publish of workflow Project to Orchestrator failed. Invalid Package details! "

This error does not come when the process is being published locally, but it occurs when trying to publish the process to Orchestrator.

There could be 3 reasons behind this error
  1. If the package size is more than 28.6 MB, there is a limitation set by IIS. In order to increase the package size limitation, follow Increasing The Size Limit Of Package Files .
  2. If any of the file in the project directory is corrupted. To identify the corrupted file we will have to use which Trial and Error method . This can involve File names with characters from unsupported language, File Extensions or actual corrupted files.
For instance, remove all the unwanted files and keep Xaml files and project.json file and try to publish the same. If the process is published, this indicates that one of the files that was removed from Project Folder is corrupted. Once the file/s are identified they can be recreated or corrected accordingly.

It is often observed that if the project Folder has any special Characters like % in Project directory, and RFramework. Delete the file or Rename the file to validate if this is applicable
  • ProjectName\Documentation\\REFramework Documentation-EN
  1. If the project.json has invalid references to the Orchestrator uniqueid or test case id. If this is the case regenerate the guid from Online GUID Generator and replace the id and check.