How To Troubleshoot Error : "Format Of The Initialization String Does Not Conform To Specification Starting At Index X"

While trying to browse Orchestrator website, getting an error : "Format of the initialization string does not conform to specification starting at index X". How to resolve?

Generally, this error occurs when there is something wrong with the password or any parameter provided in Connection String in the web.config(for Orchestrator versions 2020.4 and below), Orchestrator.dll.config(for Orchestrator version 2020.10 and above), appsettings.production.json(for Orchestrator version 2020.10 and above) file.

For instance, if there is any character like “;” present in the password, which is also used as separator between multiple parameters in the connection string then this error can occur.

Error Screenshot :

Resolution :
In this case, either

  • Choose any password which is not contradicting with the defined separators
  • Include them in single quotes, as shown below :

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