How To Troubleshoot Error : "Cannot read property '...' of null", While Working With UiPath Assistant?

How to troubleshoot error : "Cannot read property '...' of null", received while working with UiPath Assistant ?

Error Message: Cannot read property '...' of null

Resolution: In the existing version, try below steps,

  1. Close the Assistant
  2. Go to %appdata%\uipath
  3. BACKUP the agent-settings.json and process-info.json file
  4. Delete them
  5. Start the UiPath Assistant again

This will delete all the Assistant options like hotkeys, position, etc (not the connection to Orchestrator), so do not skip step 3 if that information is needed.

Note: As this issue is not encountered in version for 20.10.6 or above, the UiPath Assistant can be upgraded instead.