How To Troubleshoot A Scheduled Pipeline Not Running?

How to troubleshoot scheduled pipelines?

Issue Description: How to troubleshoot scheduled pipelines?

Note: The below information only addresses issues related specifically to the feature. It does not address general pipeline issues that might occur when a scheduled pipeline is executing.


  1. Gather pipeline information
    1. Login to AiCenter
    2. Go to Pipelines
    3. Find the pipeline that should have ran. Click on it
    4. Capture a screenshot of the details. Include
    • Scheduled time.
    • Current Status.
    1. Additionally if logs are present, make sure to capture the logs by downloading them.
    2. Finally, capture the URL that the browser is on. This URL will contain an ID that maybe needed for finding information in the logs.
      • It is required to know the ID cff0a7b0-770f-487b-9e67-039287e6a65a when looking at the logs.
  2. Check the ML Logs.
    1. Login to AI Center
    2. Go to ML logs
    3. Look for log events around the time the pipeline should have run.
  • It should be possible to see that the Pipeline was launched, schedule to run, started and then succeeded or failed
  • The logs can be filtered using the ID from the above step
  1. Make sure to capture a screenshot of the events that show up
  2. Finally generate a support bundle. See Using The Automation Suite Support Bundle Tool
  3. The above steps outline the information that would typically needed to confirm if there is an issue with scheduled pipelines. If the logs gathered in the above step do not explain the issue, open a ticket with UiPath and include all the above information.