How to trim each cell in excel

I need only price of 13,990 and 1501 (10%)
image . Please help me to resolve it!!!



When you need to trim those… while reading into a datatable?

Elaborate the requirement.


Various options here…

Load it into a data table
For each row…
regular expressions to extract the numbers, or split string, or many others

once you have the numbers you can use regex replace, or string replace etc.

trim function is used for only removing space from right and left side of the string.
if you want the string after “?” and after " 3’ " then you should try split function.

used Get Ocr text from amazon and add into data table. Finally write the same into excel. When it comes to excel this was showing like this. I jjust need to remove those. How it needs to be done?

try reading only the values while scrapping, instead of reading the value with symbol (like Rs or % symbols)…that may solve the problem

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