How to trigger the bot to take an action when an Excel file is downloaded into a folder

Hi, my intension for the bot’s action is to make him copy entire designated cells on a sheet by sending hotkeys (Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C) then paste it into another Excel workbook that should open at the moment. It came to my realization that it should be done this way, not copying the entire sheet (tab) and sending it to the other one or pre-existing cell reference logics would be broken. I want this work only when the file gets downloaded in the local machine.

so to put it simply, you download file A (Excel) then if it was successfully downloaded in a folder, then it opens it up then copy the cells and paste it into one of the sheets in file B. Can somebody help me outline the logics to accomplish these steps? Thought of Monitor events and File change trigger but couldn’t make it to a good point. Thank you in advance.

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