How to trigger scroll down/up of a slickgrid table

I would like to find a specific row in a slickgrid table of an html.
Since the data are only being loaded every scroll down/up,
I am trying to find the selector to trigger the scroll down/up event but to no avail. :cry:

I am not familiar with slickgrid but it seems that the event trigger and processing
is inside a js file called slick.grid.js .
Could anyone give me any tip or hint on how to automate this in UIPATH? m(_ _)m
Appreciate any reply.
Thanks in advance!

this is a sample slickgrid html.
sample slickgrid

copy of the js is in the ff. link

Click somewhere on the grid view and send hot key page down for scrolling.

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thank you karthikbyggari for the quick response. i will try it now.

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Thank you KarthikByggari. Your suggestion worked. Now I understood that the root cause of my problem was that I did not click inside the grid view first. :woman_facepalming:

Though I still has problem locating the specific row because the actual page I am working on doesn’t have the table div/tablerow attribute, unlike the slickgrid sample I provided. :frowning: I will just register a separate question if I get stucked.

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