How to trigger Move File after download is complete

Dear friends, I’m quite new to UiPath and requires the following assistance and I hope you could help me out.

Right now, I have a “Move File” activity right after a download has been initiated. The Move File activity couldn’t launch because when the activity was initiated, the file has not been fully downloaded yet. I was hoping that someone could assist me on how to put a delay so that the event can be triggered after the file has been fully downloaded.

Right now, I implemented a time delay of 00:01:00, but depending on internet speed, it could be as long as 00:03:10. I could just standardize all delay to 3min and 10 sec but that is not ideal because RPA process is implemented to save time. Any suggestions please?

You can use file change trigger to check if the files in that folder changes, then do something automatically @Cadell_Teng

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Hi buddy,

You can also use a path exist activity to check if the file download is complete or not.
It goes to the next activity only if the path exist.

Then use move file.

If the path does not exist then loop back to check again.I hope this works!pathexist

Thank you

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Hi @Cadell_Teng,

We got monitor activities for all these type of escenarios. For example the File change activity. Monitors changes on a specified file or folder. Can only be used inside a Monitor Events activity.

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Hi @rmunro,
Thanks for your input, in this case, I could leave the “Do” activity inside “File Change Trigger” as blank like yours? Or do insert the activities that I intend for it to do inside it?

Thanks. I realize these activities can only take place in flowcharts. I am currently working on a sequence. But I have tested your method in a flowchart and it works perfectly. Thanks for your input. I will now consider which is the better way to move forward.

Hi @rmunro,
Any suggestions as to what should I set for path and ChangeType?
My current path is the folder which the file will be downloaded to and the ChangeType I have set it to Created and Change (because I do not know which one is the better choice here), however, it’s still not working.

Hi @Cadell_Teng,

This is working for me, see below screenshot:

When ever I put a file in the folder it triggers. In event, you have to put the parameters that you wish. Like trigger based on when if the file gets deleted, changed, etc. I recommend that you play around it a little bit using a message box and do what works for you best. Then you can put any process inside of it and it will trigger when that event happens. I hope my explanation was good but if you have further questions let me know.

Happy holidays,


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file trigger should include in a monitor events activity.
Also please set up right properties for file changes.
it is a bout file name of file size , atrributes or others.FileChangeTrigger.xaml (6.5 KB)
is file changes , created deleted. etc.