How to trigger hidden radio button after clicking the drop-down menu

Hi Team,

I have drop-down menu in the webpage. If I select one item from drop-down list mannaully, the hidden radio button will display after item selected.
But if I use the “select item” activity and run it, the hidden radio button will not display. Then I tried to add one “click” activity on the drop-down list, which is next to the “select item”, unfortunately it doesn’tn work.
The sequence stopped at the “click” and the webpage can not be clicked any more.

Kindly please give me some suggestions about this, thanks in advance.


did you try using 2 click activities? the first one to click the dropdown and the second to select the item you need?



Now I set one “click”, the sequence can not go on when applying this activity, the webpage is also stuck.

try use select item to select dropdown list

then use click to click dropdown list again

does that trigger the radio button??

Thanks Jack.

Yes, I tried. The webpage seems to be forzen after “click” acitvity, that’s what puzzles me.

Maybe I should try another solution like going through all items one by one until the item matches?

its frozen after clicking dropdown or after click “Outside Service” ?

Like this:

  1. click the drop-down
  2. select any item
  3. click the item
  4. dorp-down quit automatically
  5. webpage forzen


  1. click the drop-down
  2. click somewhere to quit the drop-down
  3. webpage forzen

After I click the “cancel” showed in the image, the webpage recover.

The feeling is like this:

The hidden radio button has already been triggered after clicking the drop-down, but it can not display normally, so the page seems to be stuck.


If I click the “cancel” at this time, the hidden radio button will display right now.

i see that someone else also have the same error (uipath…开始调试此浏览器)

and they have resolved it. You can try follow what they did (See link)

Thank you very much.

I tried this, it works!!!

I also got another solution, unselect the “Use Modern for new projects”, the old mode has no problem like this.

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