How to Trigger a robot

How to trigger a robot?

Scenerio : I have one sql database and I got a new entry in table in that case I want to trigger the robot.

Is this possible in uipath ?

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Hi @rakeshshukla432,

Not a very senior member of UIPath, just give my opinion:

First, you need one program to monitor the database;
Second, when monitoring there is a new entry and the UIPath program has been published to orchestrator, you can call orchestrator api to start the robot.

In my current understanding, UIPath doesn’t support the trigger action.

Kindly correct me if any errors here.


Hi @rakeshshukla432
Its possible,

  1. Assign the unique column in database for (identifying the new entry)
  2. Do a trigger for checking the unique column, if its true then bot will pick the row and process.

Hope this will work!!

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Thanks GayathriMohan.

Could you please explain bit more.

which activity do we need to use to trigger the bot?
if possible a small example

For example,
In Database side, you can use with machine name as a unique column.
Whenever,the database has new entry, the machine name column will be, you start processing with bot based on the machine name column.
In Uipath, you can use scheduler for checking every 1min or 5 min to monitor the database and then process

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Thank you Mohan.

I will be working on it and update you if any help I would need from you :).

I have one more query related with orchestrator.
Actually I am new in uipath.

Question : we have multiple tasks and we have 5 robots assigned for those tasks.
how does orchestrator decide to assign the task to which robot ?
E.g : If one robot is busy will it assign the task to another robot automatically or robot will run that task after finishing the current task?

As an alternative, whatever is adding the record you could also have it call the API to start a job or add an item to a queue and have a scheduled job to process the queue. In 2018.4 you also have Web hooks which could then watch the queue.created to initiate a job rather than having one scheduled.

This idea is also planned to initiate a job when new queue items are added automatically

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Processes are assigned to an “Environment”, each environment has associated Robots with it.
When a job for a process is initiated by schedule you have the option to execute it on All robots, specific robots, or indicate the number of times you want it to run.

Depending on what you choice, it will run on the available robot, if the selected robot or all robots are busy, the job will be put into a pending state which I believe you can have 1 active job and 3 pending if you are specific the robot to execute it on rather than allocating it dynamically.

Jobs can have the following states:

  • pending Pending - A job is in this state if it is queued for the same Robot or it is trying to establish a connection with the Robot (only different jobs on the same Robot can be queued).

Refer this link

Hello Rakesh,
In this video I trigger UiPath Robot from more than 10 software maybe this will help you:

Cristian Negulescu