How to trigger a robot AFTER downloading a files?

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I am relative new in this community, but I was wondering if is possible to trigger a robot after downloading some files. And if the robot can be in some “listening” mode like server can be.
So if I would download a few reports the robot would start and do his process.

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You can relate with below thread

Hope this may help you


Hello Srini84,
thanks for your reply, but I already found this topic and this didn’t help me. Because at this solution the robot has to be ON to sense the modification or creating… of files inside of that folder.
I need robot to be in some SLEEP mode, if is something like that possible.

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Hi @Mousero

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You can trigger a Process Using “Start Job” Activity. you can use this Activity after downloading some files.

This Activity enables you to start a job on orchestrator.

Start Job (

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Hey @Mousero

You are downloading files in the local directory of a machine right?


Hi @Nithinkrishna
Yes, my macro downloads some files and after downloading I need to run the robot to refresh another macro and that’s it. But I’m afraid that the robot would be always ON to sense the modification of my folder.

Thanks for your reply.

Probably most simple solution would be replacing current macro by robot and let robot do the whole job - file download and post process. Would it be possible?


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Yes, agreed with @J0ska

Or other way is
Since u are saying u are using macro to download, why within same macro u can use to call the api to trigger the robot once the download is complete ?

Api I am referring here orchestrator api

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Nived N

Hello @NIVED_NAMBIAR and @J0ska, the first solution it would be cost a lot of time to re-develop, but of course is it possible, so thanks for the idea. But I really like the second solution, that the macro would trigger my robot.
Thanks for your replies.

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