How to treat wildcard characters (?, *) as literal character in selectors?

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I have a scenario like the page title contains ? and * and i want to enter some data in the forms.
Since ? replaces single or zero occurrences it types into page where selector values have [A], [?], [*], [1] and the same kind of behavior is observed for * also.

we do have work around in place but i would like to know the solution of treating wildcards as literals.

Below listed sites have wildcards in their title. can be used for practice

Thanks in Advance
John Y

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Good question. If internally regex were being used to make the selectors dynamic, escaping wildcards would be possible. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. As of now, it isn’t possible to escape wildcards in selectors. However, take a look at the following post which might help you:

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Hi Siddharth,

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:
we have done similar kind of workaround. :+1:

John Y

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