How to translate(rewrite) from invoke method to Invoke workflow ? (not Invoke workflow File)

Hi there

I have a question about Invoke workflow activity.

Our client use Microsoft Access and we used Invoke method to execute Access.
However Invoke method doesn’t have TimeOut property. So if Error occurs during running Access, Robot can’t recognize error and keep waiting until the query end(means forever).

Therefore, now I’m trying to use invoke workflow since invoke workflow has TimeOut property.
But I can’t write right VB expression in Activity.

Do you have any idea how to translate(rewrite) it from Invoke method to Invoke workflow.

Here is a sample of Invoke method.

Target type:Null
Method Name:Open Query

Direction / Type / Value
In / Object / “XXXX”
In / AcView / Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.AcView.acViewNormal
In / AcOpenDataMode / Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.AcOpenDataMode.acEdit

Also if you have any different idea to avoid this problem, please share with us.
Thank you for your time.


Hi Naokichi,

I find something odd here.

The Activity of Invoke Workflow should have expression that outputs a Type that inherits System.Activities.Activity. For example “New System.Activities.Statements.WriteLine” this is a valid VB expression for the Activity property. The DoCmd isn’t inheriting this.

Coming to your case may I suggest you to try moving the part of accessing the MS Access into a new Worfklow file and try Invoke Workflow file, that has Timeout and you get a nice separation as well.

Hi rajeev85,

Thank you for your quick response.
I’ll try your suggestion after our clients’ UiPath are updated.

Thank you !!