How to transfer files to Azure Blob storage using Blob URL

Am trying to transfer files to Azure Blob storage. We have a blob URL to transfer them.

Can you please help me in performing it in UiPath.

Should we use HTTPS request activity or use AzCopy?


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Thanks @Palaniyappan

The Devart link provides basic description of Blob. And seems to be specific to Oracle.

The Edureka link provides info on using functions to transfer them.

How we can implement in UiPath to transfer them to Azure?
Do we need to write a code and trigger as function ?


oh sorry for that
I haven’t tried this yet
I need to work on it and then only i can come up with the idea on this
–may be some one can help us
lets see, i m eager either
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@loginerror Am trying to use AzCopy in Invoke Powershell but facing error stating cmdlet command not found and

But the command works as normal when i try to open powershell manually and trigger the AzCopy command.

Can you please help me.

Hi All,
I used AzCopy functionality of Azure and used InvokePoweshell activity to transfer files from local machine to Azure Blob.

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