How To Transfer excel data to another Excel but in unknown location

Hi ,

I need help its about to transfer excel data into another excel But in unfix location.

Shown sample picture below,
Every time I have transaction I download every data 3x In a week.

and this was the template of excel.

And this excel file where i want to paste All data i downloaded.

Please help.



Hi @Aupe

Meaning you are trying to import data into excel in ascending order, right?

Hi @minhduc,

Nope, i want to copy fig.1 data and paste into Fig.2 data.

My only problem is How to know the last excel lines in fig.2.
so, i can paste the fig.1 data

Note: fig.2 is unfixed range.

Hi @Aupe

First, create a datatable variable dt_excel2 to read the second excel
Then use dt_excel2.rows.count to count the entire number of data lines

Note that you should remove the Add Header when reading the second excel file

Just use Append Range activity it will write data from end of the file without overwriting the file.


If i have existing 5000+ data inside fig.2.
i think this method is will take time upon running the automation,

Hi @hasib08 Please show me .json file. let me check how to use append range activity

This link may help you.



still don’t know how to use it

Hi @Aupe

Use Merge Datatable activity dt1 to dt2

Ashwin S

Can anyone help me with the xaml ?

-Problem solved