How to transfer bot from one server to another

Hi Team,

I have 20 bots in many different servers.
I need to move all the bots in one server only and then automatically trigger them.
Orchestrator has not been used here
Please help


Why you want to move all bots to single machine ?

One BOT is enough per one machine and you have to run it in different time intervals. And also its better to buy orchestrator and then we can manage all bots and scheduling everything we can do it easily.

Hi Laksham,

Its a client requirement
So basically I need to move all the bots to one server
I am confused what actually server means here
Could you please tell me?


I guess they are talking about Orchestrator server only. They want to connect all BOT machines with Orchestrator server.

No it is not orchestrator , that is for sure
So else it can be as per your suggestion?

Different server means different machine?
Means different system?


Yes it’s different machines only. But still I am not getting why they want to move all BOTS to single machine.

Do you have 20 processes or BOTS ?

We have 20 bots

You sure , different machines?

@Karan28 @lakshman
Can WE mabye clear some wordings
Karavan28 you are talking about bots. Could IT be the Case that you a referring to 20 Automation Projects e.g represented by the nuget package as the Outcome from Studio publishing process and executed by a bot in your question?

@Karan28 You can configure all the 20 BOTs on one VM / Server. But you can only use one at a time.

Kindly have a view in these threads

Cheers @Karan28

We have 20 BOT that runs on several separate schedules. This occupies 2 different servers. This project is a requirement to automate the schedule so that all BOTs can be auto triggered and put on one single server. This will benefit the server releasing and also help us complete tasks on time as there will be no dependency on schedule.

this is the exact query
Please help

Do you think High Density Robots will be useful here?

Well if we want to have all robots in a single server that is single machine we can use high density robots
Else we can have only one one robot in a machine as for as for unattended robots
Cheers @Karan28

Thanks for your answer. IT seems to me that your wordings of Bot Referer to Automation Processed aka nuget package executed by Agent/Executor

So to your question I do see following areas:

  • Which Type of Robot is needed
  • How to move the Automation Process packages to the new bot Machine, the single consolidated one
  • How to get the different Automation Processed scheduled without Orchestrator

So First answers you got from the Forum, now you can clear your Detail questions here