How to track overwrited files details in excel

Hi All @prasath17 @supermanPunch
I have a requirment as, Need get the post overwrited file name with number of times OW details in in excel

In my project I am renaming the number pdf files from the inside string if same name files came my project is (ow) the file moving forward so I need to track files in excl.

hi @VB_Tech_pro – I could not able to get your requirement clearly…If you could brielf your requirement with some examples and screenshots which would be great…

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I have downloaded 10 invoices as 10 pdfs
& the raw files names like 1,2,3,…10
In my project I am opening each pdf and geting invoice number like ABC342 and renaming with the invoice number.
Example if 4 and 6 both files having same invoice number inside as ACD456 so 4 is nenaming as ACD456 and while renaming 6 it is overwritng same pdf. In this case my output file count is 9 with renaming new invoice.
So in this case woodlike update the details in excel as
Column A
Ow file name
Column B
Number of times oW

@VB_Tech_pro - I am thinking something like this…

Everytime when you extract the invoice Number you can add it an array (using Add to Collections)…So your array will be something like this…ex:(ABC123,ABD456,ACD456 ADC456,ACD456, ABC123,ACD456)

And then get the count of each item using this post…How to count duplicate strings in an array - #3 by ppr

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HI @prasath17 Thank you I have done some changes as per requirement and it is working good.
you are always quick problem solver.

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