How to toggle (Activate) between Excel window and Notepad window?


How do I toggle between Excel window and Notepad window.
I want to copy content from Notepad to Excel sheet.
Steps I followed:

  1. Open Excel application Scope (Excel file path given)
  2. Selected “Sheet name” and “Range”
  3. Start process (To open notepad)
  4. Copied content from Notepad
  5. Not able to come back to Excel window…

Please help.

Thank you in advance.

why dont yu open notepad first - copy contents - open excel - select sheet name -paste content

if you have to go back & forth multiple times then use separate attach wind for notepad and separate for excel

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Hi @Mukesh_S

When you use excel acitivies you need to use Excel Scope. In this activity you have the option to create a output workbook variable. What you could try is to create this output workbook in the first Excel Scope activity (Step 1). After step 4, you could add a new Excel Scope and pass the workbook variable created earlier in the ExistingWorkbook option.

Hope this helps!

You can use Attach Window to get back to the Excel application if you’re modifying the data directly, though it is ideal to read your text into a datatable and write it to the Excel file, rather than opening Excel directly.