How to to save the file in the specific folder with the name same as file name

Hello ,

In a for each row loop I am downloading a file and saving it in a folder.
But I actually want to download the files and save it in a different folder everytime and the name of the folder should be same as file name
Please help

HI Karan,’
you can use Select Folder Activity or Create Directory if you want to save your file in a new directory.:grinning:

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Hi @Karan28,
You can use in your loop Create Directory activity and use in the name of directory a variable which will have a name of the downloaded file. Then use Move File to that directory.

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Hello PAblito,
Let me try It and get back to you

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yes I know about create directory , let me try it

Hello @Karan28
Check this workflow to get an idea
File moving.xaml (5.8 KB)