How to timeout input dialog activity

Hi I have scenario where I have to take input from user so I am using input dialog activity. But if user did not enter anything in input dialog activity dialog box will remain open. can we timeout input dialog activity? is there any way please share workflow need help!!!

Hi @Addy_619,

I just checked the Input Dialog activity. It is quite strange to me that UiPath did not give an option for timeout as default.

I am afraid you will not be able to get out of that execution since the thread is occupied. Unless and until the Dialog box is interacted with, you / robot are stuck. UiPath cannot execute any other logic when the thread is busy (while showing the input dialog box to the user).

Very far fetched idea is to use a background process which checks if an Input Dialog is open for more than 30 seconds in the foreground process, then it kills the robot process in task manager. But this will mean that your foreground robot execution stopped all of a sudden, which may have other consequences.

I will be watching this thread, if someone has a good solution.

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okay thanks lets see if any one can provide solution on these Query.

Hi Best way to overcome this is to use a parallel activity.
Use parallel activity in one side keep Input Dialog Activity and another side keep some Delay (delay within click activity properties) then click activity ( which will click OK or CANCEL on the Input Dialog popup, based on your requirement)

You can give condition as well in parallel activity.
Hope this idea helps.

Note: You can use UiExplorer to capture the input dialog window’s selector.



Hi @supriyo3098,

That looks promising as threads are independent actions can still be taken.

@Addy_619 do try this. Learnt a new thing today.

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it is handling our scenario thanks. But problem is in positive scenario when user put data in input dialog activity and click ok then also it is waiting and selector not found error occurring in positive scenario. can you help on that ??

You can check continue on error property for click.

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Check the property continue on error. under click activity. Also tweak the Time-out value from default (30sec) to some lower number to reduce the waiting time.

Mark this answer as solved, if your problem resolves.

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