How to time schedule same process multiple times

Hi all, I have a dispatcher process which works for multiple country in going into webpage and dispatching country data into queues. For Example : VN → Queues_VN and ID → Queues_ID.

Currently I would like to use time schedule and argument (country : ID, VN,SG etc) to dispatch to respective queues. Because the time schedule for each country is different.

However, same process is not allowed to be triggered. Lets say my job A is queue-ing then my next job B time schedule reach, the job B wont be started.

Is there any other method? other than using Queues?


Welcome back to our UiPath community.

It is expected behaviour. If we create Background processes then we can run multiple jobs at same time in a single machine but it won’t work in your case as your process need to interact with GUI.

I guess you need take additional licences and to work as per your scenario. It’s only solution we have now.

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