How to tick checkboxes while data scrapping with next pages

Dear All,

I am trying to select checkboxes of while data spanning is performing.
What i want to do is while data scrapping is performing for each page, i want to tick this selector
“” for every pages (If this header ticked, all checkboxes are already ticked for this page).

Currently i can only tick for first page and other pages are not working for ticking checkboxes.
Let me know the solution. Many thanks.


Are you using data scraping activity to read the information? Are you able to read all pages? You should not try to act on the pages while you are scraping them… you should first scrape all and then com back to do the actions.

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Hi @Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn

Check the selectors of the check box in first page and second page

try to make a reliable selector

Hope this works


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Hi Bcorrea,

I can scrape and perform check activity for every pages, but we thought it is taking time before checking checkboxes for each page, what i mean is
1> data scrape for each page until all pages are done and then checked, it takes 5 min
2> data scrape, while click checkbox until all pages done and this reduce time taken, maybe 1 or 2 mins right?