How to test the workflow on a new virtual desktop?


wanted to ask whether the studio contains the function or testing mode to run the workflow on a new virtual desktop?

Hello @g_ii

Please check the below document.


Hi @g_ii

Do you need to test the automation in a new virtual environment(prod) or is your requirement something different?


I actually did published the workflow but it failed (click image problem).

Then, I am wondering why is it successful to run in server’s Studio, but fail when I do it unattended in the Orchestrator.
(The problems are not causing by the resolution as the other click image activity are able to click)

Since the process run successfully in the server, I wanted to test whether the process will also run successfully in the new virtual desktop.

Hi @Gokul001

the process successful run in PIP but fail when run from the Orchestrator (the click image)

The PIP will shows the same screen as what running from Orchestrator using unattended robot?

Check out this thread


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