How to test interactions with SAP

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I have abig problem, I need to test and learn interaction with SAP, but I don’t have access to any SAP environment. How can I test basic SAP interaction with UiPAth (logon, elements recognition on screen, clicks, type into…)??

My company wants to develop processes that interacts with SAP for other companies that uses it but we cannot oofer our services to those companies if we don’t learn SAP interaction first and we don’t have SAP to perform tests and learn in our company. What can we do??

We can’t Get SAP Modules for free but you can take for one month by reaching some of the companies who gives for minimal cost like 75 or 100 dollars … you can renew based on your interest . This is the idea we have implemented previously .

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Thanks @Vijay_RPA ! I will propose it to my manager to consider the option :slight_smile:

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I suggest asking your company to provide a development environment, so that you can be hands-on

Also you can visit academy and take the SAP tutorial to understand the concepts and settings required to enable

Hope this may help you


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Hello Airun,
you can download a trial version of the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP Developer Edition here.
How to install it, is described here. You can run it in a VM environment.
Last but not least you need the SAP GUI for Windows for your testing.
On this way you can create your own test environment.
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Thak you very much @StefanSchnell I will try it!! :star_struck:

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