How to tell click activiti to click on the basis of count of search label

Hi team,
I am having a scenario where I am having a search employer label which searches for the employer if exists, if only one employer is found in the title than I have to click it but if multiple employers are found with the same name then I don’t click it in.

How should I do it can someone please suggest?
As per my current handling, I have used type into activiti where I am typing a value in search employer but every time it is selecting the first occurred value from search box. We are not sure how to tell click activiti to only click if search employer results to one value else just don’t click.

Thanks in advance

can you please provide a screenshot of the screen you use with 1 and with multiple users please


here you go


So it uses a dropdown to select the employer?

it is kind of dropdown but we are not able to use select item as box appears only if you type something in search employer


you could maybe try typing it in, then using the get text activity on the drop down to see if it appears more than once?

Hi @ajain1

Use get attribute activity after typing the employer. If need, give some delay after type into activity.

arr_options = dropdownOptions.Split(","c) 'output string to array
bool_DuplicatesExist = optionsArray.GroupBy(Function(x) x).Any(Function(g) g.Cou
nt() > 1) 'To check if the duplicates exists in the array or not
if not exists - use click activity

Hope it helps.