How to take the value dynamically in "TYPE into Input"?

How to take the value in “Type into INPUT” Dynamically? As I have to create 1000 users

Create a variable and put the variable in that field

i.e. In_Username = “ua126”

put In_Username in type into



Where are u getting the values from??

How are you creating the username??? Conditions?

Hello @Shashank_Harsh,
best way is to save all the users in an item list / data table,
then with a foreach activity,
use Get Row item -> save in a variable called users
pass this variable in the type input

This way if you have 1 or 1000 users in the item list, all of them will pass through.


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Sorry, use -> For Each Row activity, not foreach

hey! right now i’m not getting the value to anywhere, manually i’m writing .
Actually the things is i’m using keycloak and i have to create 1000 of user in it. And for that i have to automate it in such a way like i will create all the users in that. And for that i have to pass the username dynamically like from some file.

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—may I know how you the input like in which format
Cheers @Shashank_Harsh


Please check the below workflow. U can create your workflow using as an example.

Remember the count within the while activity should be in the last place in while. (2.2 KB)

Hope it clears your query.



Did the idea worked for you??

Hi , Attached example should help you out in case your type into is not in fixed position. Hope this helps .Web_Automation_Challenge.xaml (34.5 KB)