How to take String

Hello guys, I need ever take a last name… And ever have more strings than other.


Ronaldinho Gaucho
I need take : Gaucho

Diego Armando Maradona Soarez
I need take: Armando Marado Soarez

Help pls?


String.split will split your string into an array of string.

You can then access the relevant array items I. E.

NameArray = “Ronaldo Gaucho”.Split(" ")

NameArray(1) would then return Gaucho for example

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Hi @Diego_Pin
Do you have a list of words that you need to avoid in every name?

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@Diego_Pin it sounds like you want to skip the first one each time. To do that, use the following in an assign activity where YourNewString is a string variable.

Assign YourNewString = Strings.Join(strinput.Split(" "c).Skip(1).Toarray())

This performs a few operations on your InputString. First it splits it into a string array by each space in the InputString. Then it skips the first element in the array, and finally it rejoins the string array back into a single string

EDIT: The first formula I posted had some syntax errors, fixed the assign activity so it should work as explained now


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