How to take screenshots in unattended mode

Hi All, How do we capture screenshots when run in an orchestrator? Can anybody help me to do the screenshots?

Hi @divya.paul,

You should be able to use Take Screenshot/Save Image within your workflow, like so:

Shouldn’t matter what mode you are running in

still we can use the take screenshot activity

It has worked in attended mode, capturing the application process, will it capture the application process in orchestrator run when desktop closed?

I tried to run minimize the screen but take screenshot activity did not capture any process.

You shouldn’t be connected to the server if your goal is running unattended. If you’re connected, you’re running attended. The entire point to unattended is to have it just run on its own on a separate machine.

We used the separate machine to run the workflow in unattended mode with scheduled time but we have been facing some production issues so I have added a screenshot to capture each step of the application but in the unattended mode it didn’t capture, is it possible to capture screenshots in unattended mode?

Hi @divya.paul ,

You can take screenshots while running process from orchestrator via un attended mode. Pls follow the suggestion from @william.coulson .

If you already using take screenshot activity. What are you seeing in the screenshots empty desktop or application is in minimized state. And also let us know what are the error you are facing while running via un attended mode.thanks.

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it should work as mentioned
Maybe you can some screenshots with us from your implementation related to taking the screenshot along with the details e.g activity properties

Yes. You just drop in the screenshot activity. If it’s not working then you’ve done something wrong. Show us your code.

Again, you shouldn’t be connected to the server (with the desktop minimized, maximized, or anything else) when running unattended. SIGN OUT of the RDP session. Then run from Orchestrator. This is what unattended means - running without a person logged in.

Hi All, i have submitted my code for screenshot activity, please see below image.

Hello @divya.paul,

Could you please share with us the properties of Take Screenshot activity?


Yes it has worked in unattended mode, Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi @divya.paul,

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