How to take Screenshot of a month data present in excel

I have excel data which is grouped based on months, I want a saperate screenshot for every month data and paste it in saperate sheet. Also the records may increase in future for any month . Can anyone help me in developing code for taking screenshot of the particular area of excel(Which covers the complete records of a month). thank you

, please find the sample data in the attached image.

filter the date column by individual month then use take screenshot

i need only one month data in the screenshot but in the second screenshot iam getting the first month data as well.

The original data can be filtered…

  1. Read the whole data
  2. Apply filter on the data such as November, December, and etc.
  3. Paste the data in a different sheets and use that data as per requirement

Hope this helps!!!

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Yes , but my date column will be in “dd/mm/yyyy” . Thats what making a challenge here iam unable to filter the column as the dates of nov would be from “01-11-2020” “30-11-2020”

Pardon for the delay in response!!!

You can filter the DT using the filter like “-11-” for November month
, “-01-” for January.