How to take screen based value to excel

Hey Guys,

I have a master sheet…containing few items that the have to search on app and download.

I am stuck in a scenario were I there is no transaction and getting an message like this below…

My question here is whenever I get this message on screen its should automatically update status as No record found…

How to do this…Please explain in brief as this is something new for me…

You should try to store the Output result in any variable, then use if condition. Then you can proceed with updating status.

Note: Please be a little more specific as I’m not able to fully understand your use case.

Deepak N

Use Get Text activity with proper selectors and lookup for the key word.

I am sure its not that complex.

@ShreyaSharma Try this

       * Use image exists activity so it will give output in boolean format  assume **is_NoRecordExists**

       * Use if condition if(is_NoRecordExists)
                                //Use write cell activity and update status

For instance if you are getting an error on your web page… Internet is not responding ( Something like this) for this kind of response you Column status on your master file should be updated as “No Internet” This is what I actually looking

Can you please provide an xaml.file to understand for me it complicated.

Many Thanks