How to take record from queue using reference

Hi Team,
I have one use cases where using an Re-Framework for implementation.
Scenario is :- I have one folder containing 10 input file like
InputFile_XXXX where XXXX is my username.
InputFile_abcd where abcd is another person username

Now to insert the data in queue i am passing Environment.Username as reference which is correct.
Now i want to process using Re-Framework then how we can take only those records whose my username as reference.

  • suppose another user is executing the bot then bot should take only those record having reference is another username
    so here we we can take it in framework ( in Process state)

Please guide me on this.


Simple USe excel and read the data in the Pair of Key Value Pair.

in ReF_Work store the Username and password in the form of asset .

Use get credential.

Thanks for your quick response .
But need to use queue only.

I have uploaded the data in queue with my username as reference but need to get in process state then how we can do it ?

Watch and Try to Excute your own

Hello @Rup_1 ,

In the transaction state of REFramework, while getting the transaction item, give the reference property as Environment.UserName. Like this:


Thanks Athira,
To pass reference in get transaction item, this functionality is in uipath 2019 or in latest version.
but if are using 2018 then this functionality is not available in it.

So how to pass reference in get transaction item in 2018 version.


In that case, in process state you can give an if condition like : if(in_TransactionItem.Reference=Environment.UserName)
If it’s equal, do the operations, else don’t do anything.

Hope this helps.

works for me and thanks for guide.


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