How to take month output with numerical number

Hi all,

i have a problem at last stage (Generate Yearly Report)

This code

bring me this output:


But i want it write “2”. Not February. What should i change? Can you help me about it?

And also there is an interesting sutiation.

When i write this, it is save the it with "1"last of the file path. But the message box show me it should save it as “January”

How may i solve it? Help me please:(

The message box is that. But it save it as “1” instead of 2018-January. I have forgot to show it.



It’s saving correctly only.


but i am getting this error. Because of it save as like that. Where should i change?

The file is with the name Report-It…-1 and the file you are trying to read is with 2018-January, provide the name as it is in the file explorer @mazlumkacar