How to take a screen shot of selected area on the screen


Hi you attached the file with error no one can able to improve their skills

waste of time.


Hey @RaviDevaraj

Will you show the error first?

There might be multiple factors although i have not checked but you can ask the person to look into this or re upload it. Might be your specific version issue or may be you have not installed required dependency and many more…

Here everybody is helping or providing their opinions on their wil so we should respect for that and should avoid such words.

To improve skill nobody is depended on any specific file only you can try at your end then can ask where the problem is coming.

It is just a normal conversation hope you will take this in a positive manner.



ya ok. i cannot able to find the attachment icon to attach the file to show to you.


Hi @aksh1yadav
In web one screen is there i need to take screenshot and send a mail to corresponding person

so i tried that the “Take Screenshot”,“Save image” and “SMTP” to send a mail this all controls i have used.

i am getting an ERROR Message.So can you please guide me to re-solve it this issues.

ERROR MESSAGE : The workflow has validation errors.Review and resolve it First.


Hey @RaviDevaraj

Will you share screenshot / Workflow ?



Hi aksh1yadav,
I have used the controls are : TakeScreenshot and save image only.
In TakeScreenshot control i have capture the image what i need for a screenshot to and send to mail to the respective person. that only i set in the TakeScreenshot control .

In SaveImage Control i set the path were i need to save the images.

That’s It. I have Done in this
I need to do anymore in this , Can you Please guide me.


Hi aksh1yadav,

i have uploaded the two error screens, Are you able to see the images.And what mistake i have done here?
i create the two variables like img and Unlimited.

img as image datatype and Untitled as string


Save image variable does not contain any of the image, because of that it’s saying " Object reference not set an instance of an object".


Try this: Takescreenshotandsavesample.xaml (4.9 KB)

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Hi @aksh1yadav,
Thanks for help, Great now it’s working fine for me .

i have one doubt form this image saving name as “Sample” [FileName] its saving as like,but i need to save automatically when i am running the program each time i want to save the filename as Sample1,sample2,sampl3, or by what date and at what time they are running that as Filename need to come it is possible ?


Yeah @RaviDevaraj

Go with the counter approach and append it with filename :slight_smile:



Im the suggestion to try BugRem tool

BugRem Tool sure can help in take screen shot


HI @Dominic

Yeah @RaviDevaraj

Go with the counter approach and append it with filename :slight_smile:

i cannot able to get your idea !!! what your are saying?


You can also use “Sample”+DateTime.Now.ToString(“ddMMyyyyhhmmss”)+".png" to save as a different file everytime.