how to switch the sheet in excel

How to interchange sheet
need to move sheet1 to sheet2
balareva is not supported jn iur organisation

please help


Hi @Supriya_Yenaganti ,
use get workbook sheets activity you will get list of sheets present in an excel workbook.
use that list in for each to go from one sheet to another.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

  1. put below code in file e.g. “vba.txt”

  2. in excel application scope, call invoke vba activity
    set codepath = vba.txt
    set method name = 'SelectSheet"
    set entryMetohdParameters = {“SheetToSelect”} e.g.

Function SelectSheet(sheetName as string)
End Sub

what do you mean “need to move sheet1 to sheet2”

you mean move contents of sheet1 to sheet2?

or you just want to select sheet2? @Supriya_Yenaganti

Sheets (1).xaml (6.3 KB)
please check

In comment Section you can manipulate sheets when you have all the sheets name