How to switch directory in azure


I have tried to switch my azure portal’s directories using click event. But it stucks after clicking the switch directory option in azure. I think the robot can’t inspect the right string or image. How it make works?

If I pass hotkeys it will work. But the issue is when more directories added

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is it throwing any error while executing the CLICK activity
may i know how many directories would be there in list because as you said HOTKEYS will work for sure

Cheers @prejith

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@Palaniyappan Currently I have 5 directories. So I can manage it now, But when more directories added it doesn’t make sense. The click event is not working. On the debug screen projects an error like DIV fault

@Palaniyappan I solved this by passing hotkeys and type into:

It’s working fine now.

Thank you for the support

Cheers @prejith


  • Perform a click on switch directory
  • Pass Tab in HotKeys
  • After you reached on the directory searching field
  • Then pass TypeInto by typing the directory name and pass a tab
  • Again pass two Hotkeys with tab and one hotkey with enter.



Perform a click action on 11

and follow the tab hotkeys