How to switch chome profile?

I wanna perform some route tasks as multiple users (more than 10) on some sites which need complex authentication. So I create multiple chome profile in which I have each user logined. The problem is how I can switch these profiles. I tried to use power shell command “chome.exe --profile-directory=profile X” to launch a chrome window with specificed profile, but the flow failed because uipath can’t focus on the new window. Is there any good solution to fix it?

HI @seaky

Try these steps

  • Save all the users in single column and save in an excel sheet
  • Now Read that and store in a datatable
  • Now loop through it
    • Use send hotkey ctrl+shift+m and the profile panel appears
    • Now search for the user with text exists
      • If true → FInd text position and pass the user name and store in variable and pass the element to Click activity and continue the process
      • if False → Scroll or what ever activity you need to search for that user

Hope this Helps


Thanks for your reply.

  1. Is “Find text position” a activity? There is only a activity named “Find OCR text postion” in my activities panel.
  2. While I click a name in profile panel mannually, a new windows is appeared. Can uipath continue within the new window?

Yes it is a Activity if you not able to find the activity check in project settings whether the Modern design is enabled if yes disable that and try again

And also check on this link ,