How to sum time in the excel on the basis of duplicate empid

Attendence Report (1).xls (184 KB)

in this excel we have duplicate empid so add out time

please help me

@mohan.sharma1 Which Column Values do you want to take the Sum?

Hi @mohan.sharma1, as @supermanPunch mentioned you need to specify your problem clearly like

  1. Column to sum up
  2. Duplicate records based on which column, your records appear to be unique based on date - col ā€œGā€ and since this data is for a specific employee I believe all rows will have same emp no.

Either case, you could research SORT, FILTER DATATATBLE activities to fine tune your data.

Also clearly stated expected solution for anyone to understand and provide feedback clearly, would be appreciated!

Happy RPAing

sum OutTime column on the basics of duplicate Empcode column

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