How to subtract -1 from Datatable total count

i have datatable count and want to send a mail
my requirement is i want to subtract -1 form total count in datatable

ex Datatable count is 40-1

can i send xlsm file an an attachment in mail
plz provide the logic


try this syntax

You can use the below example.

First, create a DataTable:

Assign activity

dataTableRowsCount = out_dataTable.RowCount - 1


Note: dataTableRowsCount was set to be a System.Int32

Log Message activity:

"DataTable Count: " + out_dataTable.RowCount.ToString + vbCr + "DataTableCount - 1: " + dataTableRowsCount.ToString

my count is stored in datatable and it will be different everytime

you mean count is stored in specific cell ?

yourDTVar.Rows.Count will give you the number of rows.

yourDTVar.Rows.Count - 1

…will give you the count - 1.