How to submit assignment 2 - Advanced Training

There are 2 projects for Assignment 2 - Advanced Training: dispatcher and performer. I attached the dispatcher thinking that I could also attach the performer before submitting. That option however was not available. My submission is still waiting for evaluation. I’m thinking maybe because it has not received the performer portion.

Please help. I’m hoping to get the certification this week.

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Hi @jffeudo86

The easiest way to submit the multi-solution assignments is to put both projects in a parent folder and upload that.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @jffeudo86
They can be submitted together i guess
no worries
you were almost done
Kindly wait for few more hours
we will be getting the evaluation done
All the very best for your results
Cheers @jffeudo86

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@jffeudo86 you need to submit together in one zip file with separate folders of dispatcher and performer.

It’s still on waiting for evaluation status. I cannot submit the whole thing while it’s on this status.

oh have you submitted already
if so we need to wait till it gets evaluated
then only we can proceed further
Kindly wait for few more hours (or even minutes i gues)

Cheers @jffeudo86

I submitted the dispatcher yesterday (could not add the performer later) and wanting to submit the whole thing.

we need to wait till the previous one submitted gets evaluated
No worries
Cheers @jffeudo86

@Palaniyappan, can I press the retake button on the levels1 & 2 exams just to review myself and getting ready for the certification exams? Can I also take the 1st exam even if my assignment 2 has not passed yet?

I’m targeting to get the certification this week as there’s a deadline I’m targeting. Thanks!

no no
please wait for while
either you can use this time for preparation
please dont retake, lets wait for the evaluation, so that we will get to know the corrections to be taken
Cheers @jffeudo86

thank you for your reply.

I mean retake the quizzes at the end of every lesson for levels 1 & 2. I already have the diplomas for both levels. I have not taken any of the certification exams yet because I’m waiting for assignment 2.

It’s been 1 day already and my submission is still on “Waiting for evaluation” status. Can this be reversed so I can submit both dispatcher and performer?

Thank you @Palaniyappan for engaging with me all this while. Evaluation passed!

I went ahead and took the certification exam even if assignment 2 was pending evaluation as I have a deadline to get the certificate. (I passed :slight_smile: ).


Ohhh Fantastic
We still have miles to go buddy…
Keep going
Happy automation
Cheers @jffeudo86

I chose this as a solution just because @Palaniyappan stuck with me while I was waiting for evaluation. There was an answer prior to his that could have as well been the solution.

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