How to study UiPath Associate Exam

Hello friends. I’ve learned te topics on the exam but I am not sure how to study on it. ıs here anyone who take the exam and advice me how to study? On tutotials part, there are plenty of topic and information. Should I mine in there or anything you advice?

@Emine_Karabulut_PMP, Hi and welcome to the community.

If you click on the link below and scroll down towards the end of the page you will see these and if you want to study click on the study link if you want to practice click on the practice link.

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yes, I know these pages but on the first part, there is only name of the topic of the exam. However, I am looking for the some kind of book, etc?


The link below leads to the resources page under docs you will find document guide to almost everything. you can select training documentation or videos based on the topic you want to learn more about. I hope this helps man

yes, that would be great. This will help. Thanks.

@Emine_Karabulut_PMP, All the best with your exam, and if you think that helped solve your problem, do mark it as a solution and close the thread.

Hi All,

i need help for below for Uipath Associate certification

  1. Syllabus for exam
  2. Study material
  3. Details about exam like whether it would be MCQ or descriptive
  4. Practice material
  5. Training info

Can someone please help me with this.