How to structure the excel data as Table and give it a Table Name?

Hi guys,

I want to know how to structure the data from excel as a Table and give them a
“Table Name” since I want to create a pivot table, and it needs a Name of the Table but not a name of DataTable variable.



Yah that’s possible we got certain set of activities for TABLE creation

Cheers @opas1216

Thanks for helping!

I already tried this activity before, but the question is the create Table has to give it a specific range, isn’t it? I couldn’t give it a specific range cause the data is not fixed range.

And another activity “Get Table Range” which requires a Table name, it’s kind a loop.

Thanks @Palaniyappan

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Hello @opas1216
you can use RowCount and ColumnCount to get the dynamic range and than use Create Table Activity to create a table for that particular sheet
Check this workflow for better understanding.
DynamicTable.xaml (10.1 KB)


hi, when i create table, it shows table overlap error. any help is appreciated!

Hello @winnie_toh

A table is already created on that excel sheet. So its giving you that error. Remove the table from that excel sheet and try again or add a try catch to catch that error if a table is already created.

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Yes silly me, I realised that and resolve it. Thank you so much!

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