How to store username and password to a variable from notepad file?

Hmm your xaml looks fine. I think the problem is probably located somewhere in one of the selector of your activities. You can do test. Disable your whole Open browser activity including everything what is inside (right click and choose “Disable activity”). And use above Write Line activity like in my example with “regex(0).ToString”. If it will write in the output the correct text then for sure problem is somewhere in selectors.

Thanks…ok I will try and let you know

Hi @Pablito
Now It is throwing same object reference error in write line activity!!

Well… Now I know why :smiley:
Your output is “Username” not “regex”. Try to use in Write Line activity “Username(0).ToString”

Edit: Sorry I see that in Type Into you used it right. Hmmm

Username only I have used…:neutral_face:

Ok now I found it. In your expression there should be space after “:” → “(?<=: )\w{1,10}”
Your regex just couldn’t properly see what you are looking for.


Yeah… while using Type into activity I used username now as u said to try I used username in write line activity also

“(?<=:)\w{1,10}” I have given this…is this right know?

Thanks @Pablito
yeah…it is working now…Thank you for helping me out to resolve this issue.

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