How to store the string value like as column wise in excel

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Here the scenario, We have one text file with the number of line items. In the each line item we have to separate the value using tab and need to stored the value in excel. Please refer the below scenario’s and expected output.

Note: We tried GenerateDatatable activity it won’t help for us. It’s broken the value.

Line items will be like:-

Expected Output:-

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Give a first try at:

  • read CSV
    set tab as delimiter:

  • write range

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Do try with the method suggested by @ppr , If possible also let us know what was the configuration done on the Generate Datatable activity.

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you can use this expression
Step 1: first need to split text based on Tab function and store it in list


Step 2: creat build data table with headers
Step 3 : take For each activity and and mention you list
Step 4: inside the For each loop use Add data row activity and insert your data with it.

let me know if the procedure helps

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Check here,

Xaml File

Main.xaml (7.8 KB)

@ppr @supermanPunch we already tired this logic but it won’t help for us.
@Vishnuraj_Pandiyarajan2 We need to store the value like as column wise not in row wise.

we used this logic, options in combination with generate datatable and also custom parsing approaches. We got it working and selected approaches depending on project specifics

we dont know what was done, so we cannot process this feedback for further suggestions

Feel free to share with us a sample data text file

Sorry for delay response!!
Here I have attached my sample input and expected output.
Please review the scenario and help me for proceed further.
TestText.txt (139 Bytes)

For excel not able to upload here so please refer the below screen shot!!

Here is the GenerateDataTable activity screen shot for your reference!!

Hi @Anbumani

Try this approach

StoreStrinValueAsColumns.xaml (8.0 KB)

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@kumar.varun2 Thanks a lot!! Appreciated!!

It’s work as expected!!

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