How to store the extracted particular columns from excel in a html template in Uipath?


I want to create a HTML template within the workflow only. A template should have a column like a Name, DOB,Image…


what is the structure of your template?


Recently UIPath released some of the activities related to it. Go through it


Thanks, do u have any sample workflow for this ??


In excel file i have list of employee details such as name, dob, email id . I have to read only name, dob and employee image for the image i have to search on the web page if there is any image available then i have to store this image also .All these data i have to store in a html template containing name dob and image.


Hi, from where did you download these packages.? any link for the same.? since it is a custom activity.



thank you


Can u share the workflow for the same ? Please

#10 (9.4 KB)


Thanks bro :slight_smile: