How to store PDF into database, the column is in nvarcharbinary type

Hi all,
I have pdf, i have to store pdf to database, in database pdf storing column is in nvarcharbinary. so I have to convert PDF to binary format and i have to pass that binary format data to database. Please any one give the solution

Hi @Vanitha_VS try this

Assign activity:
Input: pdfFilePath (String) - The file path of the PDF
Output: pdfBinaryData (Byte)

Read PDF Text activity:
PDF file: pdfFilePath
Output: pdfText (String)

Assign activity:
Input: pdfBinaryData (Byte) - Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(pdfText)
Connect activity:
Specify the database connection details (server, username, password, database name, etc.)

Assign activity:
Input: sqlCommand (String) - “INSERT INTO YourTableName (PdfColumn) VALUES (@pdfBinaryData)”

Add Parameter activity:
Name: “@pdfBinaryData
Type: Byte
Value: pdfBinaryData

Execute Non-Query activity:
Connection: Use the existing database connection
SQL Command: sqlCommand

Hi @Vanitha_VS

Check on this

I hope it helps!!

Thank for the solution, but am bit confusing. Can you create workflow and share it with me. It would be helpful to me.